Pets on quilts Show

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SewCalGal has a pets on quilts show, and I just have to show mine favorites of our cat, Mathilde and the neighbors dog, Louis.

Louis is here presented at a quilt, made for her mom, Maria, for her 30´s birthday:

And next my cat, Mathilde, shown on a christmas treetopper – its she lovely?

Thanks for stopping by my favorite pets – and yes, pets just love quilts 🙂

Hugs, Helle


Om patchworkstuen

A happy quilter
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29 svar til Pets on quilts Show

  1. Staci siger:

    Lovely quilts and adorable pets! Thanks!

  2. Sharon siger:

    Love your calico!! WOnderful photos of pets on quilts for the parade of pets.

  3. Very sweet!!

  4. Marilyn siger:

    Your pets are adorable! And your quilts are lovely.

  5. marina siger:

    Mathilda is just so beautiful! She looks quite at home on your quilt.
    A lovely dog pic too.

  6. They could be brother and sister with their coloring… ha!

    beautiful animals!

  7. QuiltSue siger:

    They are both beautiful. Thanks for showing them to us.

  8. Gladys siger:

    Your pets are adorable! And great quilts!

  9. Kim siger:

    Your quilts are beautiful and so are those adorable cats.

  10. nanbon siger:

    they are both so cute, and the quilts are great

  11. Dana siger:

    Mathilde is very beautiful as is the quilt she’s laying on. Louis’s picture is adorable. Thanks so much for sharing.

  12. Connie siger:

    They are both so cute! Love your Christmas treetoper!

  13. Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilts and two lovely pets! Have a wonderful evening!

  14. Lynette siger:

    Calicos are such nice cats!

  15. Joanna siger:

    Yes, Mathidle is lovely and strikes a neat pose, and I love Louis’s handsome face, too.

  16. Jacque siger:

    Thanks for sharing your lovely pets…beautiful expression on the doggies face!

  17. Kelli siger:

    Thanks for sharing your photos! 🙂

  18. Beautiful pets but so is that Christmas tree quilt. It is wonderful!

  19. Lesly siger:

    Oh Louis is so cute – I have an urge to pick him up for a big hug! And beautiful quilts, as well!

  20. Pat V. siger:

    Love your pets — and your quilts, too!

  21. Jocelyn siger:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful quilts and adorable pets.

  22. Carolyn siger:

    Ahh, I love Louis! Of course Mathilde is precious too. You can just tell Louis is being good for the photo and then he wants to run around and be crazy =)

  23. Lola siger:

    Cute pets and pretty quilts!

  24. Melissa siger:

    Lovely babies! Thank you for sharing!

  25. missknitta siger:

    So fun to meet Louis and Mathilde! They are both so cute!

  26. Love your quilts and both Louis and Mathilde are cute.

  27. Janet siger:

    They are both sweet as can be. Thanks for showing them to us.

  28. Mathilde, what a beautiful girl! I love her pretty face. She has great taste to have taken up on that Christmas tree topper.

  29. Katy (LethargicLass) siger:

    Such wonderful photos!

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